Why Ensize

9 reasons why to choose a better DISC tool

  1. Ensize EDOC PAYGO will give you more flexibility – a fantastic online system designed to work for you as a professional.
  2. You pay affordable prices, which will offer you great flexibility and business opportunities.
  3. Send out and print or e-mail your DISC reports directly from your EDOC PAYGO system.
  4. With a EDOC PAYGO license, you can update a profile on a person, team or organisation at an affordable cost, whenever you want.
  5. Master your own reports and layout – with probably one of the absolutely best DISC assessments in the world!
  6. Invite, delete, add, move, assemble participants and create final or temporary group reports – you need to see this!
  7. Choose your personal report setup – create you own feedback reports – feels like you have many different products at the same time.
  8. Unleash your Leadership, Team, Sales or Coaching potential within your organisation, work with your existing customers or prospects
  9. Evolve - Ensize your world!