Certification and Training

Ensize e-certification training is intended for professionals who work in HR or with coaching, training, consulting, recruitment and company academy training.

Welcome to Ensize Certification Training

The e-certification training is the starting point for using the EDOC system and the tools included in your selected EDOC licence. We offer On-line training or Classroom training (in Europe). The FREE E-certification include a Personal combination assessment (DISC and Driving forces), an official Certificate and access to the EDOC system with 5 FREE assessments (DISC and Driving forces)


Ensize E-certification Online 

Skärmavbild 2017-05-31 kl. 19.09.18A complete certification for DISC and Driving forces. You will learn more about:

-DISC history

-DISC is a global language

-How does our behaviour evolve

-The DISC model

-Description of the different colours

-DISC - how to adapt

-Conflict, behaviour and Drivning forces

And much more!

After completion of the E-certification you will be able to create and organise company and department folders, send out invitations to respond to analysis and manage different types of analyses and reports in the EDOC system. You will also be able to create temporary groups, move analyses, create and share templates and much more. Once you have signed up for an EDOC PAYGO license and passed the e-certification you will receive a link via email to respond to your FREE personal Puzzle DISC / Driving Forces analysis.