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Ensize Asia Pacific offers you a wide range of online assessments like DISC behaviour style assessments, Driving Forces, 360° GAP assessments, Climate analysis and much more...

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5 assessments (DISC and Driving forces). We also offer you an official certification for DISC and Driving forces via our E-certification online and your personal DISC report

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Ensize´s Puzzle DISC MD is a behavioural style analysis that is used in many situations where people’s differences are important, such as in group development, leadership development, sales development, communication and as support tool for recruitment. The new report Puzzle DISC Multidimensional offers even more detailed, accurate and dynamic descriptions of the different behavioural styles.

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Ensize Dynamic Online Center - EDOC is designed to deliver the tools you need to develop individuals, teams and drive your company’s organisational development.

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Ensize and the EDOC system offer a wide range of world class tools, assessments and reports that deliver a high impact development foundation for companies and organisations worldwide.

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